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C# Programming Basics by Professional C# Project,learn SQL Server Database,5 in 1:C# Beginners,Interm,Advance,SQL,Report

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Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i’m with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will be a c sharper!

If you wanna make a lot of money!

If you wanna find best jobs in programming!

If you wanna buy 1 course and get 5 courses!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial that teach c# with real project in simplest way!

If you want really to be a programmer so it’s best place that you can start to learn C#.

This course has 5 parts:

1- C# for Beginners

2- C# for Intermediate

3- C# for Advance users

4- SQL Server

5- C# and Reporting with Stimulsoft

I started from beginning and show you how to install visual studio  2017.

Then started to create first application in C# and …

Then I talked about form design,controls,variable,If,For Loop,Switch Case , …

Then i created many project with lot of practical C# codes and …

Don’t hesitate to start learning C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi C# world and let’s go !!!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn C# with Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 From Scratch
  • Create Diary & Phone Book Application
  • Create a digital Clock & Calculator with C#
  • SQL Server, It’s installation and working
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2017 or 2019
  • Common properties of controls and form
  • Controls : Label,Textbox,Listbox and …
  • C# Keywords, Operators and Logical Operators
  • Set the controls Color, Text with C# code
  • Disable /Enable controls with C# code
  • load & display image via C# code
  • Display Message in C# code
  • IF Statement ,For Loop , Switch Case
  • Variables : String,Int32,Int64,Long,Float,Double,Decimal
  • MdI and SDI Projects
  • Media Player , Registry and Clipboard
  • Dialog Box , Events and Debug Codes
  • Working with files and folders
  • RTF file and Text files
  • Settings and Resource in C#
  • Strings ,Date time and Calendar
  • Creare SQL database,table,Set Data type


  • Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 Free Community Edition and Some Patience!

Who this course is for

  • Beginners or students looking for a tutorial that teach c# with real project in simplest way and want really to be a programmer!

Download The Complete C# Course:Beginners to Pro C#|Stimul Report|SQL Course


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